Design, Develop, Manufacture Smart Metering infrastructure.

XIOTA offers a wide array of products that form the integral part of Advanced Metering Infrastructure for Utilities involved in Electricity, Water transmission and distribution. Our range of Smart Meters are innovative-integrated devices based on latest technologies, programed with advanced intelligent and self-learning software, reliable and meet all the industry standards.





Smart Water Meter

XIOTA Smart Water Meter is the next generation modular water meter that provides real-time water consumption data and remote control of valves.

Smart Energy Meter

XIOTA Smart Energy Meter is a robust, reliable, modular, highly accurate, multi-function, interoperable electrical energy measurement device built on the latest technologies.


XIOTA Gateway is an advanced data concentrator unit with built in intelligence and self-learning capabilities for acquiring data from smart meters.


An intelligent device that connects to the Optical port of the energy meter and enables communication with the Smart Phones and other supported Handheld devices on the

About Us

We are startup founded and promoted to design, develop, manufacture and support innovative smart measuring devices. The founders have more than two decades of relevant industry experience and have founded & established organizations which are well recognized and leading players in their respective segment.

Our vision is to manufacture Smart Meters that not only meet the current industry standard requirements but also make them as an integrated, intelligent device that enables and empowers utilities beyond smart metering. We share a collective vision with utility companies and end-use consumers :manage energy and water better.


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At XIOTA we strongly believe in teamwork and collaboration. We provide conducive environment, tools, R&D facilities, training for enhancement of the talent and reward the outperformers.


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