Smart Water Meter

XIOTA Smart Water Meter is the next generation modular water meter that provides real-time water consumption data and remote control of valves. The meter is dependable, accurate, reliable and has long life, capable of bi-directional communication and helps utilities in improving operational efficiencies, reduce non-revenue water and save water.

Salient Features:

  • Remote Meter Reading and valve control
  • Replaceable battery
  • Events including Tampering alerts
  • IP68 Water Protection
  • ISO 4060 Class B, IS 779
  • Regular automatic valve derusting
  • Historical data logging as long as 18 months
  • 10 years battery life with standard configuration
  • Prepaid functionality supported
  • Communication Options: LoRaWAN, MBUS & NBIOT
  • Supports local reading through HHU


Types and Configuration: 15 MM, 20 MM & 25 MM with Communication configuration of LoRaWAN, MBUS & NBIOT.

Applications: Metering by Water Utilities for Residences, Commercial & Industries, Sub Metering, Prepaid metering etc.